The Virtuoso Double Bass: Giovanni Bottesini, volume 1

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Meridian Records is proud to announce the release of this important recording of the Italian composer Giovanni Bottesini’s principal works for double bass and piano, performed by the accomplished duo Leon Bosch and Sung-Suk Kang. You can purchase this CD from I Musicanti Publishing or from Meridian Records.

Nicknamed the ‘Paganini of the double bass’ for his ability to astonish audiences with his virtuosic performances, Bottesini’s works have remained some of the most dramatic but – because of their difficulty – rarely heard in the repertoire even today. Following directly in Bottesini’s footsteps, the virtuoso double bass player Leon Bosch has rapidly established an international reputation as one of the foremost advocates of the ‘Cinderella of Instruments’ and as a passionate interpreter of the works of Bottesini. This recording, which sees Bosch reunited with the pianist Sung-Suk Kang for the first time since their student days, demonstrates Bottesini at its very best – dramatic, intense, and powerful.

This Meridian CD features:

  • Rarely recorded works by the important composer for the double bass, Giovanni Bottesini.
  • A virtuosic performance by Leon Bosch, reunited with the pianist Sung-Suk Kang especially for this recording.
  • Extensive and personal accompanying notes that describe Bosch’s early struggles against the South Aftrican apartheid regime and his passion for the ‘Cinderella of Instruments.’

CDE 84544