Virtuoso Double Bass: Giovanni Bottesini, volume 3

This third album, presented by Leon Bosch and Rebeca Omordia, of music for double bass and piano by Giovanni Bottesini (1821-1829), includes his popular Allegro di Concerto ‘alla Mendelssohn’: Bottesini, as well as being arguably the most significant figure in the history of the double bass, was also an opera conductor and the composer of over a dozen operas.

Anna-Maria Muller - Flute
Donald Bouwer - Flugel Horn
Serge Cuca - Violin
Carel Henn - Cello
Kerryn Wisniewski - Piano
Matthew Lombard - Alto Saxophone
Irene Tsoniff - Violin
Leon Bosch - Double Bass

Track Listing

1. Wilhelm Popp – Spanisches Concert for Flute Op. 420
Arranged & Conducted by Graham Scott

2. Frederick Chopin – Nocturn in Eb & Mazurka
Arranged by Devereaux Van Der Hoven
Conducted by Graham Scott

3. JB Arthur – Requiem for a Weary Soldier
Arranged & Conducted by JB Arthur

4. Astor Piazzolla – Four Seasons of Buenos Aires
Verano Porteno (Summer), Otono Porteno (Autumn)
Primavera Portena (Spring), Invierno Porteno (Winter)

5. Pedro Iturralde – Pequena Czarda
Conducted by JB Arthur

6. Giovanni Bottesini – Gran Duo Concertante