The Hungarian Double Bass

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Meridian Records is delighted to announce the much-anticipated release of The Hungarian Double Bass, a further exploration by Leon Bosch of Double Bass music from around the world, alongside pianist Sung-Suk Kang. You can purchase this CD from I Musicanti Publishing or from Meridian Records.

Through this recording, Leon Bosch pays a personal tribute to his first influential Double Bass teacher, Hungarian Zoltan Kovats, who has lived in South Africa since 1965, and it is clear that Zoltan played a pivotal role not only in helping to create one of the greatest living bassists, but also in inspiring Leon to instigate a fulfilling search into the wonderful and thrilling music of his teacher’s home country.

Once again, Bosch plays throughout, with spirit, passion and flair, and it is this reliable energy married with Sung-Suk’s delightful accompaniment, which creates a recording that simply must be heard by anyone wishing to discover a new and exciting repertoire for the Double Bass.

This Meridian recording features a varied and colourful selection of Hungarian Double Bass music, performed by Leon Bosch and Sung-Suk Kang, which takes the listener on a journey to Hungary, a journey which also reveals many other Central European influences.

The accompanying booklet contains an eloquent insight into the individual works, the composers and of course, the performers.

CDE 84597

Leon Bosch - Double Bass
Sung-Suk Kang - Piano