21st Century Double Bass

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Meridian Records is proud to announce this stunning collection of works performed by virtuoso double bassist Leon Bosch and his regular duo recital partner Rebeca Omordia, which may be purchased from I Musicanti Publishing.

Leon Bosch has been called the Sherlock Holmes of the double bass. And it is true that he enjoys the detective work involved in tracking down and bringing to light repertoire that has been ignored or lost along the way. But since he has also been responsible for bringing many new pieces into existence and recording them for posterity, he might as well be called its Moriarty and Watson too.

Not all the pieces on this recording were written for Leon, although the majority were. And let’s not think of them as crimes either, even though an element of opportunism may lie behind some of them. Typically, a meeting between composer and performer, perhaps fortuitously after a recital or through some intermediary, will involve a discussion about the possibility of a new piece. Before long, a plan comes together, culminating in a first performance at an event like the International Bass Convention or the Swaledale Festival.

The very variety of music on The 21st Century Double Bass is one consequence of this kind of serendipity: it features music by several composers, writing in their own individual way. If anything connects this music, whether it is triumphant or thorny, playful or haunting, it is the unique expressive character of the instrument. That and the artistry of the performers, of course – it is worth noting that this is the first album Leon has recorded with pianist Rebeca Omordia.

The 21st Century Double Bass follows previous recorded surveys focusing on the British, Russian and Hungarian double bass as well as two volumes of The Virtuoso Double Bass. But with decades of the century remaining and Leon unlikely to stop attracting new pieces any time soon, there will surely be more to follow.

CDE 84655

Leon Bosch - Double Bass
Rebeca Omordia - Piano

Track Listing

Robin Walker

  1. Turning Towards You

Simon Parkin (World Premiere Recording)

  1. December 1
  2. December 2
  3. December 3
  4. December 4
  5. December 5

Philip Wood

  1. Sonata for Double Bass and Piano

Ivor Hodgson (World Premiere Recording)

  1. To the Moon and Back
  2. Dawn
  3. Sunset
  4. Friday Afternoon

David Ellis – Parallel Shadows for Double Bass and Piano (World Premiere Recording)

  1. Star-Shine & Candlelight
  2. Cloudfall & Morning Rain
  3. Tree-Shade & Summer Glow
  4. Night-Sound & Meadow Dance

Malcolm Lipkin

  1. Invocation

Roxana Panufnik

  1. Shosholoza for Double Bass and Piano

Featuring six world premiere recordings

“An astonishing recording catalogue in its own right.” – Bass World

“His assured virtuosity makes light of the extreme technical challenges” – The Strad

“Leon Bosch’s accounts abound in personality, imagination, warmth and humanity.” – The Strad